Friday, February 11, 2011


Dolci needs a foster home!

UPDATE: we thought Dolci had found her forever home, but her owner took her to the dog park and she got into a fight. She is now back in rescue and looking for a foster or forever home.

Dolci is an awesome girl. She's been with us for about 9 months now. She's a lover who absolutely adores people. Poor Dolci was found by a caring Bywater resident wandering on the Mississippi River levee with severe chemical burns on her back. This is common for pits and pit mixes in New Orleans -- there's a lot of disagreement about what exactly the burns mean, but they are almost exclusively found on pits (one boxer had them also) and we think it's a safe conclusion that they are the product of abuse.

Despite this horrible start to life, Dolci is gentle and sweet as can be. It's heartbreaking and humbling how pits never lose faith in people, despite everything people put them through. A true pit-type dog, Dolci absolutely adores people but is hit and miss with other dogs. She does enjoy the company of friendly dogs, especially on walks, but would be best as an only dog. Dolci is very well-mannered when walking around other dogs, but is not a candidate for the dog park or doggy day care.

About Dolci

Basic info:
  • Breed: pit mix
  • Sex: female
  • Age: adult 2.5-3 years
  • Weight: 60lbs
  • Coat type: short
  • Coloring: dark brindle
  • Type of intake: abandoned/abused
  • Location: 9th Ward/Bywater Area
Overall Personality:
  • with adults: extremely friendly, loves everyone
  • with children: excellent
  • with other dogs: sometimes good, sometimes aggressive. Not good with aggressive dogs.
  • with cats: okay
Energy and exercise requirements:
  • Activity level: medium, likes to chill but also likes to play
  • Exercise requirements: a couple short walks and/or playtime in the yard will be good
  • Good running/jogging partner?: yes, excellent
  • Good dog park candidate: No
  • Good doggy day care candidate: No
Behavioral in certain situations:
  • in cars: rides well
  • in the house: will chew on blankets and pillows
  • house training: good
  • crate trained?: yes
  • leash trained?: yes but needs more work
  • in kenneling/boarding situations: does well
  • at the vet: extremely friendly and well-behaved
History of aggressive, possessive, or territorial behavior:
  • ever shown any aggression?: some aggression towards dogs
  • possessive of food: no
  • possessive of toys: no
  • territorial/protective of house/yard: no
More detailed behavior with other dogs:
  • play style: plays well sometimes, but can also be aggressive. She should not be around unknown dogs and introductions should be slow. She should not be with dogs unattended.
  • dominance level: moderate
  • any behavioral issues with other dogs: fear aggression
More detailed behavior with cats:
  • chases cats?: yes
  • aggressive towards cats?: doesn't appear to be
  • playful with cats?: no
  • rough with cats?: doesn't appear to be

  • current health conditions: treated for heartworms and other conditions -- permanent scarring which will require sunscreen during prolonged sun exposure
  • long-term health concerns: none
Training/behavioral issues:
  • behavioral issues: moderate dog aggression
  • areas of training that need work: learning not to jump up
  • chews on inappropriate objects?: sometimes -- blankets and pillows
  • digs in the yard?: no
  • pulls on leash?: yes, moderate
  • jumps up on people?: yes, not excessively
  • mouths/nips at people?: no
  • urinates/marks things?: no
Any special adoption criteria: Dolci will only be placed in a single-dog home. Dog experience is required. Pit experience preferred.

If you would like more information on Dolci, please email or call 504.222.3686.