Friday, February 11, 2011


Marigny came to D9 in September, 2010. He was living on the streets in the 8th Ward and a kind woman had been feeding him. One day he showed up for his food totally beat up -- he had many deep lacerations and puncture wounds and had obviously been in some sort of a dog fight. We'll never know exactly what happened to him, but Marigny has heeled up well and is now being treated for heartworms. After that, he'll be 100% and ready to g

Marigny will always have some scars from his ordeal, but you can barely even see them if you don't know they're there. Marigny doesn't seem to even remember that anything happened -- he loves people, dogs, and even cats! This happy boy will be ready to start his new life very soon. All he needs is you to start it with!

About Marigny

Basic info:
  • Breed: catahoula/pit mix
  • Sex: male
  • Age: adult, about 2 years old
  • Weight: 55 pounds
  • Coat type: medium
  • Coloring: red merle with white; he has one eye that's half blue!
  • Type of intake: abandoned (abuse/neglect)
  • Location: 8th Ward
Overall Personality:
  • with adults: extremely friendly
  • with children: absolutely awesome
  • with other dogs: great
  • with cats: good
Energy and exercise requirements:
  • Activity level: active
  • Exercise requirements: will need a couple walks every day and/or playtime
  • Good running/jogging partner?: yes, excellent
  • Good dog park candidate: yes
  • Good doggy day care candidate: yes

    Behavior in particular situations:

  • in cars: good
  • in the house: good, occasionally chews
  • house training: house trained
  • crate trained?: yes
  • leash trained?: pretty good on leash
  • in kenneling/boarding situations: does well
  • at the vet: does extremely well
History of aggressive, possessive, or territorial behavior:
  • ever shown any aggression?: never shown any aggression
  • possessive of food: no
  • possessive of toys: no
  • territorial/protective of house/yard: no
More detailed behavior with other dogs:
  • play style: moderately rough
  • over all: friendly
  • dominance level: moderately dominant
  • any behavioral issues with other dogs: none

More detailed behavior with cats:
  • chases cats?: no
  • aggressive towards cats?: no
  • playful with cats?: not really
  • rough with cats?: no
  • current health conditions: being treated for heartworms.
  • long-term health concerns: Marigny has allergies and will need to take benedryl on an ongoing basis. It is especially important to keep him up to date on flea preventative
Training/behavioral issues:
  • behavioral issues: none
  • areas of training that need work: basic manners, obedience
  • chews on inappropriate objects?: sometimes
  • digs in the yard?: unknown
  • pulls on leash?: a bit, but quite controllable
  • jumps up on people?: yes, when excited
  • mouths/nips at people?: no
  • urinates/marks things?: no
Any special adoption criteria: none

Please contact for more information or call 504.222.3686.