Friday, February 11, 2011


Woadie was found on the 5th anniversary of Katrina in the Lower 9th Ward. He was underweight and had a very tight collar on that had caused his neck to become swollen and infected. He was very fearfully aggressive that first night, but we got his collar off and he came around to us in no time.

Woadie is a truly stunning boy and he's a lover. Woadie adores other dogs and is very submissive with them. He's okay with cats. Woadie is unfortunately still fear aggressive with people in crowds and new situations, so he will require a very experienced, confident, and dog-savvy owner. There are special requirements to adopt Woadie (see bottom of this page).

About Woadie

Basic info:
  • Breed: pit
  • Sex: male
  • Age: adult, about 2 years old
  • Weight: 65 pounds
  • Coat type: short
  • Coloring: chocolate with white
  • Type of intake: abandoned (abuse/neglect)
  • Location: Lower 9
Overall Personality:
  • with adults: fearful at first; extremely friendly after he gets to know you
  • with children: probably not good for families with children due to his fear issues
  • with other dogs: absolutely perfect
  • with cats: pretty good
Energy and exercise requirements:
  • Activity level: active
  • Exercise requirements: will need a couple walks every day and/or playtime
  • Good running/jogging partner?: yes
  • Good dog park candidate: probably not, due to issues with unknown people
  • Good doggy day care candidate: possibly, with time

    Behavior in particular situations:

  • in cars: good
  • in the house: good
  • house training: house trained
  • crate trained?: yes
  • leash trained?: pulls on leash and is very, very strong
  • in kenneling/boarding situations: cannot be boarded at this point
  • at the vet: does very badly -- fear aggressive when getting shots, etc.
History of aggressive, possessive, or territorial behavior:
  • ever shown any aggression?: fearfully aggressive with people in strange situations, in crowds, and when he feels cornered. Never aggressive with people he knows and trusts.
  • possessive of food: no
  • possessive of toys: no
  • territorial/protective of house/yard: no
More detailed behavior with other dogs:
  • play style: fairly rough
  • over all: adores other dogs
  • dominance level: submissive
  • any behavioral issues with other dogs: none
More detailed behavior with cats:
  • chases cats?: yes, if they run
  • aggressive towards cats?: no
  • playful with cats?: not really
  • rough with cats?: possibly
  • current health conditions: none
  • long-term health concerns: none
Training/behavioral issues:

  • behavioral issues: fear aggression
  • areas of training that need work: aggression issues
  • chews on inappropriate objects?: no
  • digs in the yard?: not much
  • pulls on leash?: yes, and he's very strong
  • jumps up on people?: no
  • mouths/nips at people?: no
  • urinates/marks things?: no
Any special adoption criteria: You must spend time with Woadie before adopting him. Pit experience is required. Experience with dogs with behavioral issues is required. Woadie is not a good match for families with children. Woadie will do best in a calm household. Woadie is not a good match for anyone who wants to go to pet stores, bars, coffee shops, etc with their dog. Woadie needs a confident, experienced owner who is mentally and physically capable of handling him.

Please contact for more information or call 504.222.3686.