Sunday, July 10, 2011


Meet Josephine! Josephine was found by a vet tech at our vet on her way to work. She was huddled by a dumpster and was so scared to move they thought she may have been hit by a car. Josie is now in foster care and doing great. She is happy and playful with other dogs and a bit shy but loving with people. She's fine with cats.

Josephine is about 6-7 months old and is an adorable chocolate-colored pit girl. She will make an awesome addition to pretty much any home!

About Josephine

Basic info:
  • Breed: pit bull
  • Sex: female
  • Age: baby 6-7 months
  • Weight: 30lbs (estimated 50 when full grown)
  • Coat type: short
  • Coloring: chocolate with white
  • Type of intake: abandoned/abused
  • Location: uptown
Overall Personality:
  • with adults: very gentle and sweet but a bit shy
  • with children: good but shy
  • with other dogs: very friendly
  • with cats: fine

Energy and exercise requirements:
  • Activity level: medium-high, very playful once she gets settled in
  • Exercise requirements: a couple walks and/or playtime in the yard/park will be good
  • Good running/jogging partner?: yes, excellent
  • Good dog park candidate: yes, excellent
  • Good doggy day care candidate: yes, excellent
Behavioral in certain situations:
  • in cars: rides well
  • in the house: working hard on house training but still a puppy and will still chew, etc.
  • house training: in the process
  • crate trained?: yes
  • leash trained?: yes
  • in kenneling/boarding situations: does well
  • at the vet: extremely friendly and well-behaved
History of aggressive, possessive, or territorial behavior:
  • ever shown any aggression?: no
  • possessive of food: no
  • possessive of toys: no
  • territorial/protective of house/yard: no
More detailed behavior with other dogs:
  • play style: you wouldn't think it, but she can rough house with the big dogs! Likes to wrestle.
  • dominance level: moderate
  • any behavioral issues with other dogs: no
More detailed behavior with cats:
  • chases cats?: no
  • aggressive towards cats?: no
  • playful with cats?: no
  • rough with cats?: no

  • current health conditions: cherry eye (a prolapsed inner eyelid) which will be corrected surgically before adoption; skin infection which is being treated currently. Josie is heartworm negative.
  • long-term health concerns: none
Training/behavioral issues:
  • behavioral issues: just typical puppy stuff
  • areas of training that need work: house-training
  • chews on inappropriate objects?: sometimes
  • digs in the yard?: no
  • pulls on leash?: no
  • jumps up on people?: not much
  • mouths/nips at people?: no
  • urinates/marks things?: no
Any special adoption criteria: There are not special adoption criteria to adopt Josie.

If you would like more information on Josie, please email